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Ian and Pearl Rogers are the founders and Directors of Sphinx Spiritual, an organization dedicated to bringing high-level spiritual knowledge to the world.  Their devotion to their spiritual journey commenced in the 1970s and has been the focus of their work since.


Both are mediums and the principal spiritual teachers within Sphinx Spiritual.  Their primary teaching relates to mediumship, spiritual counselling, parenting, and relationships.  Within all, their focus is on emotional healing.


From their understanding that so many emotional issues faced by adults originated from their childhood, they see that the natural solution to this is to change the way children experience childhood.  This was the genesis for this book.


As in all of their work, the source of information is from the Spiritual World, accessed through their mediumship.


Their work on parenting, based on the foundation of this book, is an important part of their bringing more practical and advanced spiritual knowledge to earth.


Ian and Pearl are parents to 4 adult children and have 5 grandchildren.





Individual parenting coaches are available both in person and online to assist you with all forms of parenting including a deeper understanding of Parenting Spiritually.

If you would like to know more or inquire about services available in your area, please contact us below.


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